Siedlce University of Natural Sciences and Humanities

Faculty of Science has the authority to confer the degree of Doctor of chemical sciences in chemistry.

Documents required for the opening Ph.D:
  • application to the Dean of the opening Ph.D (which must include the proposed theme and concept of the hearing, the proposed persons promoter, discipline, and additional modern language),
  • original or a copy of the diploma,
  • CV of the candidate,
  • a list of scientific publications, public presentations and information about the activities of popularizing science,
  • review of the proposed promoter,
  • information about the progress of the Ph.D if the candidate has previously applied for a grant Ph.D degrees in the same discipline,
  • a written declaration of the person applying for the opening Ph.D on the selection mode to carry out a Ph.D degree (old/new)
  • statement covering the costs of a Ph.D process.
Legal basis:
  1. Act of 14.03.2003 on Academic Degrees and Title (Dz. Ust. Nr 65, poz. 595).
  2. Regulation of the Ministry of Education in 15 january 2004 on Detailed Procedure etc.
  3. Higher Education Regulation of 17.08.2006 (Dz. Ust. Nr 153 poz. 1094).
  4. Law of 18.03.2011 amending the Law on Higher Education, the Law on Academic Degrees and Title and Degrees and Title in the field of art and amending certain other acts of 18.03.2011 (Dz. Ust. Nr 84, poz. 455).
  5. Higher Education Regulation of 22 September 2011 (Dz. Ust. Nr 204 poz. 1200).
Open theses for Ph.D canditates:
  • Ardej Monika
  • Cyrta Monika
  • Frankowska Barbara
  • Guziński Jerzy
  • Kudzin Marcin
  • Piechocka Katarzyna
  • Suchodolska Beata
  • Zielonka Małgorzata