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Why study at the Faculty of Science?
  • We offer a wide range of courses and specializations tailored to the needs of the labor market.
  • We have qualified staff and teaching.
  • We have a specialized database of teaching: labs, classrooms, lecture halls.
  • We offer trips to study and practice abroad (LLP / ERASMUS).
  • We develop interest in scientific circles.
  • You'll be able to work as a teacher, as well as an additional qualification
    for postgraduate studies.
Our degree programs:
blok chemia enStudies on the chemistry possible not only to pursue their own interests chemicals, but also to gain an attractive profession. The skills acquired in the course of study allows graduates to work in various laboratories, as well as institutions and enterprises in managerial positions requiring knowledge in general chemistry. Why study chemistry at UPH? [more]

blok informatyka en Computer Science is the youngest and fastest - developing field of science. The demand of the labor market for people with computer education has been growing steadily. Today, the market is missing about 10 thousand. computer. What needs will be tomorrow? After studying at our direction you will not have long to look for work. Our students at the end of study start working in large companies related to IT. [more]

blok matematyka enThe combination of a solid mathematical education with
a specialization in the finance gives a good basis to people who want to work in a variety of financial institutions, including banks. Thus, graduates of Mathematics of financial disciplines are engaged and happy in the short term valued employees of the financial industry. At the same time the ability to apply theoretical knowledge in practice math increase opportunities on the labor market. [more]

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